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About Us

About Us: is owned and operated by Alli P. who resides in Metairie, LA. Alli is a member of a twelve-step fellowship and knows the therapeutic value of people with similar issues sharing their experience, strength and hope with one other. Accordingly, she has created this first line of greeting cards for those who suffer from various addictions, that they may encourage and inspire one another. Some forthcoming lines include a line for those who face physical and/or mental challenges,a line for those who are incarcerated and their loved ones, and a Christian/faith based line. 10% of’s profit will be channeled directly into those fellowships and organizations that provide support for its loyal customers.

Core Values:
Our core values are simple: We are guided by an unwavering faith in the vision provided by the God of our understanding,
who never grants us knowledge of His will for us, without giving us the necessary power to carry it out. Our commitment to developing that vision, coupled with the flexibility required to make it a reality, will move us forward successfully.

We humbly recognize that we offer a unique product, in which we firmly believe, and which makes the most of technology
to provide convenience to our customers. In toto, these values help us to promote honest, effective communication, which coupled with service to others, is the passion that drives us.

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to encourage and inspire people everywhere to share the joy and lessen the burdens of others, because we all face the same challenges and opportunities as fellow human beings.

Our mission is to promote honest, effective communication, which we believe is the single most important factor in maintaining healthy, loving, lasting relationships.

At, we believe that,
“We accomplish everyday miracles, when we achieve together
the potential we could never realize alone.”